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Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts on Fox Island

John & Lise' Ohlson have been actively involved in working with Fox Island youth for over a decade, mentoring over 37 Eagle Scout candidates, leading and working with Girl Scout Troops, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, organizing community volunteers, and advocating the expansion of recreational opportunities for Fox Island residents.

Serving the youth of the Fox Island community is an important role for FICRA, and John has brought our children together to help serve the community in numerous ways.

Among the youth related accomplishments John has been involved in during the past 11 years:

Organized four new Scouting units under FICRA's sponsorship:
o 2007 Boy Scout Troop 27 (Boys aged 11 to 17)
o 2010 ... Read More


Leadership of The Fox Island Community

While President of FICRA for 11 years, John has tirelessly advocated on behalf of the unique interests of Fox Island residents, and continues to do so.

This has been through holding public forum meetings, lobbying with National, State and Local officials to address local concerns, and being constantly on the lookout for issues that pertain to the residents of Fox Island.

In this scene from 2010, Fox Island Boy Scouts from FICRA's Troop 27 work to remove graffiti from the side of the Nichols Center, to prepare the center for an upcomning wedding rental.

This advocacy includes:

Building and maintaining a Partnership with the Fox Island Yacht Club for the FICRA Fair, and other events

Building and maintaining close relationships with State and Local officials, including:
o Senator Derek Kilmer, Rep. ... Read More

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